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Avantages of ALCOR System

  BYOSYS® ALCOR system permits a personal follow-up of the patient :

  • 1. A digital print that allows creating a « made-on-measure» shoe.
  • 2. A perfect reproduction of the patient’s foot.
  • 3. An exact print that it is used to classify and evaluate patient’s development.
  • 4. A personal file treatment, in a follow-up approach by only one person.
  • 5. An adjustment of the foot X-ray photographyover the scanned foot that allows working with the exact characteristics of the patient just before the eyes.
  • 6. A veritable handcrafted work.
  • 7. A veritable podiatrist tool.
  • 8. Easy transportation: homes, hospitals, centers, etc.

BYOSYS is a logical system progress that have bring digital world into podiatrist field.

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