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ZOSMA System advantages

- BYOSYS® Zosma system allows a personal follow-up of the patient :

1- A library of many digital shapes, which can be completed by each chiropodist. The chiropodist is still owner of the shapes he makes and thus he can archive them..

2- The digital files of the made soles can be archived in order to keep the evolution of the patient case.

3- A personal file treatment, in a follow-up approach by only one person.

4- A veritable handcrafted work..

5- A true tool for chiropodist.

6- It saves time on manufacturing allowing the chiropodist to dedicate himself to added value tasks (soles conception ans patient relation)

BYOSYS® Zosma is a logical progress for chiropodists who want to reduce their manufacturing time to dedicate themselves a lot more to their patients and their company development.

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