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 For ortho-prosthesist

- An open system that offers the possibility to develop infinity of applications that guarantees, at the same time, system and constant evolution durability.
- Allows conserving the know-how and patients files.
- Structure is valorized by durable material investments.
- An activity improve is observed (between 10 and 15% of the extra corsets produced) because of an amortization of a faster system.
- Perfect restitution of weight and human body’s posture “scanned”.
- Valorization of certain tasks that weren’t before (plaster’s color replaced by the arm’s utilization.
- Material and hygienic comfort.
- An easier work for the orthopaedic specialist thanks to foam that is much lighter than plaster: No more lumbago…
- Access to hospitals and health centre is made easier.
- A modernized image and an undeniable high technology.
- A physical comfort (foam’s weight/plaster’s weight).
- A faster folder processing.
- A logical evolution of the plaster work.

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