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Body print

- Made thanks to a hand held 3D scanner, the print offers simultaneously to the patient and to the controlling person, swiftness and comfort. In order to incorporate digital prints to BYOSYS solution, KALLISTO has developed an exclusive partnership with KONICA MINOLTA so that it can respond to the profession’s particularities, the VI9K respond perfectly to a precision degree that is necessary for a high-quality work.

Scan VI9-K

- Technical characteristics:

  • Minimal acquisition volume : 400x400x250
  • Maximal acquisition volume : 1800x1350x1000
  • Time acquisition : 0.3 seconds
  • Storage in a compact flash card of 512 Mo
  • Precision, from 0.3 to 1 mm
  • Total weight: 9 kg
  • Class 1 laser

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