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Digital Rectification

KALLISTO offers you 2 solutions:

OrthoModel Software

OrthoModel is a simple yet powerful software tool to design any type and complexity of corrective or accommodating custom orthotic insoles.

The software is driven by our award-winning CAD engine but steered by an interface designed by orthotists and podiatrists from around the world to be logical yet flexible enough to allow all your knowledge and ideas to be applied to a design.

The software supports any type of correction or add-on, including posts, skives, arch fillers, met-domes, cobra cut outs, Morton’s extensions and many more.

OrthoModel allows you to design soft anatomical insoles for diabetic patients, rigid polypropylene devices for correcting gait or foot positives for vacuum forming.

A force-feedback arm : Intuitive interface incorporating the sense of touch..

Freeform Byosys Zosma BR09 software specially developped for chiropodist allowing to make :

- Soles conception
- Assymmetry
- Reloads

The digital sculpture system FreeForm is the first tool that let creators to use their touch sense, modeling with the computer.

Usinf FreeForm Byosys Zosma BR09 for chiropody is as intuitive and expressive than physically modeling with clay or foam. However it offers all the productivity advantages that have a digital creation.

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