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Freeform Modeling OMNI

- A force-feedback arm : Intuitive interface incorporating the sense of touch.

Freeform Modeling OMNI, software

  • Gypsotomy
  • Inclination correction
  • Flexion correction
  • Derotation (A turning back in orthopaedic correction of a rotation deformity)
  • Gripper size creation
  • Support creation
  • Reinforcers creation
  • Symmetry
  • Refill
  • Cutting

Specific applications

- With the support of its expertness pole, KALLISTO develops particular applications to the orthopaedic specialist occupation like:

  • Automated reconstruction of patient’s body from different angles.
  • A continuous evolution of applications with professional users support.

- The digital sculpture system FreeForm is the first tool that let creators to use their touch sense, modeling with the computer.
- Using FreeForm is as intuitive and expressive than physically modeling with clay or foam. However it offers all the productivity advantages that have a digital creation.

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