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- KALLISTO is totally implicated in your projects. The complete integration of solutions is a persistent goal; training is fundamental for an optimal use of the system. This training will be certified by a specialized trainer, contingent on the workgroup. Training courses will be accomplished at your places in order to work with your materials. Theoretical training is not enough.

The hand-sewed program is adapted to your company and staff. The course structure will let you discover the system utilization and so on you could put it in practice for concrete situations and/or to go into detail of its use. Our trainers have a solid experience in technologies development and in day by day application at the company.

- What we consider :

  • Your schedule
  • Your organization
  • Your learning process

- Training places: 3 possibilities

  • On the web site : intra-enterprise (obligatory for the initial education cycle)
  • In our head office: on inter-enterprise
  • On distance

- Scheduled trainings: 3 possibilities

  • Initial education cycle: It spaced out on successive modules that could be spread out on many consecutive weeks in order to make progress.
  • Educational workgroup: It is conceived to be, a complement to the training course, a place that makes easier exchange practices and inter-enterprise problem resolutions
  • Personal: To have a global point of view of the subject, to control the decisive points and to take advantage of the trainer’s expertness who is available for you.

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